About Us

Access Alts Asia is an exclusive Asian Alternatives intelligence and allocation platform, providing high-end connectivity between allocator to allocator, manager to allocator, and asset owners to assets.

The Access Alts China Asia Alternatives will be convened out of a desire to create a conduit between the East and the West, bringing together top LPs, GPs, thought leaders and policy makers interested in the China alternatives investing space.


The Summit is on track to have record attendance, with some of the biggest US institutional investors, China conglomerates, Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds, multi-billion Dollar China Family Offices, influential China hedge fund, PE and VC speakers in attendance.


Total assets represented to date are over US$2.1 trillion.


Ultimately, the aim is to create a discreet "Endowments, Foundations, SWFs, Family Offices and Impact Investor Club" straddling both continents, and allowing a free flow of ideas, capital and investment opportunities between its constituents.

The Differentiator

Like All AccessAlts events, the China Alternatives Global Summit 2017 will be defined by two characteristics: It will be Bold and it will be underpinned by Predictive Intelligence. 


Apart from highlighting some of the hottest alpha themes, including sectors such as tech/consumer/healthcare in China, it will not shy away from discussing toxic issues such as non-performing loans, corporate governance and volatility that characterize China. Speakers will also showcase ideas on the Private Equity and Venture Capital side. 

In addition, it will explore game-changing themes such as Big Data, Behavorial Science, Artificial Intelligence, Managed Accounts, Fintech, Digital Marketing, Impact Investing and Philanthropy – in short, trends that will redefine the Asian, and indeed, the global, hedge fund industry in the years to come. 


Come be a part of the AccessAlts family of game changers!

Who should attend?

Why Should You Attend?

  • Global allocators (Pension plans, Endowments, Foundations and Family Offices) looking to play the Asia story

  • China allocators (SWFs, Family Offices, Wealth managers, High Net Worths)

  • Top Global Hedge Funds aiming for a China footprint

  • Emerging China managers – looking for capital

  • Top Sunshine Funds

  • Top China Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

  • Asian & US regulators and Thought Leaders

  • Key Service Providers in China (Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators, Law Firms, Brokers, Stock Exchanges, Data Providers, Research Houses, Consultants, Third Party Marketers and Technology Providers)

Discover the opportunity set in high-potential but opaque Asian markets

  • For Allocators -  Powerful peer connectivity and discovering emerging China talent

  • For China Funds - High-end networking and interaction with some of the world’s top allocators.

  • Global Funds - Create effective success strategies in China

  • Service Providers - Very limited Service Provider tickets allow exclusive access to top investors

  • All - Identify compelling investment themes, sectors & companies in China today/ Navigate complex regulatory regimes/ harness disruptive changes and technology to redefine your businesses.