internet portal Excite and Classifieds2000 (acquired by Excite in 1998), Andersen Consulting Strategic Services (Accenture), and IBM.

Will currently serves on the Board of Dean’s Advisors for Harvard Business School, and was HBS Alumni Board Director 2010-2012. Will holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS from University of Florida

Will Chen is a Founding Managing Partner of ClearVue Partners, which focuses on investments in the consumer sector. Before founding ClearVue, Will was a Managing Director of DT Capital Partners, Founder and CEO of Accelergy Corporation, an energy technology company with US and China operations, and Founder and CEO of OnePage, a software company that was acquired by Sybase in 2002.

Before starting OnePage, Will was a Founder of Billpoint, which pioneered the concept of online person to person payments. Billpoint became the leading provider of person to person payment services and was acquired by eBay in 1999 as a payment solution for their online auction marketplace. He has also been in management positions for the

Founding Managing Partner,

ClearVue Partners

William Chen

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