Conference Speakers

 Mark Yusko

 CEO & Chief Investment  Officer,

 Morgan Creek Capital  Management

 Dr. Russell Read

 Chief Investment Officer,

 Alaska Permanent Fund

 James Mi

 Co-Founder & Managing  Director,

 Lightspeed China Partners

 Wayne Wicker

 Chief Investment Officer,

 ICMA Retirement Corporation and  the Vantagepoint Funds.

 Dr. Qing Wang


 Shanghai Chongyang  Investment Management

 Jonathan Teo

 Co-founder & Managing  Partner,

 Binary Capital

 Ian Goh

 Founder and General Partner,


 William Chen

 Founding Managing Partner,

 ClearVue Partners

 Derek L. Bills

 Director, Investment Office,

 International Monetary Fund

 William Ma

 Chief Investment Officer,

 Noah Holdings (Hong Kong)

 Richard Peng

 Founder & Managing Partner,

 Genesis Capital

 Joseph Zeng


 Greenwoods Asset  Management

 Andy (Huan) Wang

 Senior Partner,

 Rosefinch Investment

 Xing Chen

 Vice President/Chief  Investment Officer,

 LICR Fund

 James Huang

 Managing Partner,

 KPCB China

 Phillip Meyer

 General Counsel, CCO & COO,

 Oasis Capital

 Robert Lloyd  George

 Chairman & CIO, 

 Lloyd George Management

 Ray Hu

 Partner & Co-founder,

 Blue Lake Capital

 Nicholas A. Lee

 Managing Director (Shanghai),

 Morgan Creek Capital  Management

 Alvin Zhang

 Managing Director,


 Peter Kuo


 Canyon Bridge Capital  Partners

 Dr Yu Pingkang

 Chief Economist,

 Changjiang Pension  Insurance

 George Chen

 Co-Founder and CIO,

 Homaer Financial

 Bruce Li

 General Manager  and Managing Director.

 Canyon Partners China

 Franco Ngan, CFA

 CEO & Co-Founder,

 Zeal Asset Management

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